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  Ph: 432-556-9589
Sarah Anderson

IDC Staff Instructor and Midland Dive Association Owner

A long time ago… In the year 2011… Sarah was looking for a way to explore her new environment in Guam and signed up for a scuba class. She absorbed diving like a (sea) sponge and fell in love with the sport. She took on the advanced class, kept taking classes, and became an IDC staff instructor in 2014. She loves interacting with students and helping them learn and fine-tune skills. Sarah’s love for diving turned into owning her own diving shop. Now she teaches and shares her adventures while showing students how to dive like a pro.
Sarah’s philosophy is, “What better way to enjoy your passion than to teach and share it with others?”
Brian Flowers

Brian completed his Divemaster training with Midland Dive Association in April 2017. He is a devoted lover of diving and enjoys giving new students the ability to dive with confidence. He is an engineering professor at Midland College and also one of the leaders for the Midland College Coral Research Team where he helped design the data. He started with Midland Dive Association in April 2017.
Kourtney Brown
Shop Staff

Kourtney Brown learned to scuba dive while she was living in Guam. She currently helps run the shop and is very helpful when you need to buy your next set of dive gear. 


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